Trauma & Accident

Accidents and injuries are increasing in everyday life by alarming proportions. Road trauma is now designated as a no.1 killer in young patients by WHO.
The BITC Super Speciality Hospital recognized this long ago and today it is a leading tertiary referral trauma centre in the state catering to approx 1000 patients involved in accidents and injuries per year.

The Department Functions 24*7

  • Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S): A multiply injured patient demands swift and comprehensive care.
  • The BITC Super Speciality Hospital EMS department functions as a round the clock team of doctors and surgeons specialized in every area of medical treatment required for such an event.
  • All the team members are specially trained overseas and internationally certified with latest techniques in trauma management.
  • The team includes specialists in Orthopaedic, General surgery, Neuro surgery, Microvascular and Hand surgery, maxillofacial surgery etc.

Some important features of our trauma department are:

  • Complex Trauma And Reconstructive Surgery:
    Our Orthopedic team specializes in treatment of complex musculoskeletal trauma, neglected ,ununited fractures and foot and ankle injuries.
  • Intensive Trauma Care Unit:
    BITC SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL provides a temperature controlled, bacteria free environment essential for speedy recovery of trauma patients. Experienced and qualified intensivists provide round the clock monitoring of the patient’s condition and response to on-going treatment. The ICU has been designed and equipped to cater specifically to the needs of Poly-trauma patients. It is furnished with specially designed beds that permit multiple settings, central oxygen supply, central suction unit, modern ventilators & monitoring equipment
  • Trauma Rehab:
    Competent Physiotherapists therapists who specialize in trauma specific rehabilitation facilitate early return to functional status. EMS Ambulance:
    For rapid transport of trauma victims we have a fleet of well equipped Ambulances (ICU on wheels) manned by qualified paramedics and doctors. A dedicated toll free number 02717 409999 is designated to avail this facility anywhere in the city.
    Thus the department of Trauma (accidents & emergency) is truly a centre of excellence in providing comprehensive care to the Multiple injured patients as per international standards.