Orthopedic & Joint Replacement

At Bopal Ortho Care, we can help improve a variety of conditions you may be experiencing with your body. From minor aches and discomfort in the shoulders and the knees, to major pain and debilitating conditions caused by sports and work related injuries, to spinal conditions and other factors. Although we are a top orthopedic surgery practice, we understand that major surgery is not the only answer to fix the problem you may have. Bopal ortho care explores all avenues of treatment before surgery, including physiotherapy and other conservative approaches to your condition.
Our team is led by four orthopedic surgeons with specialty experience in range of areas.
We utilize advanced clinical procedures, state-of-the-art technology, and an impeccably skilled team of orthopedic surgeons and specialists to address every aspect of your care.

The Department Functions 24*7

  • 24 hour accident & emergency department
  • State of the art modular operation theatre with laminar air-flow with class operating area
  • Facility of total Hip & total Knee replacement
  • Latest 9” 11 TV for Orthopedic operation
  • All types of fractures treatment available
  • Facility of Arthroscopic (key hole) surgery
  • Spine & Back pain specialist
  • Deformity correction surgery
  • High Tibial Osteotomy
  • Orthopedic OPD
  • Physiotherapy department